How to show a countdown and why is this happening?

Hi, i’m new with this and i’m working in a proyect hope it finishes right :mrgreen: , I’m trying to show a countdown about 1:00 or something like this, but i just show 0… And know nothing!!.

I have a text object (time)
and also the action: Do = "Time: "+ToString(round(Variable(timer))) to the text time.

First it shows Time: 0, but now nothing… I’m so new so i don’t know how to solve it… The variable you see up i found it in the forum :laughing: .

And also there is a strange problem, why is not working so good the collision? or is just me? i’m doing a 2D puzzle-platform, i kill the enemies by touching them, i can’t jump, when i am in front of them or any object that i have to destroy, it doesn’t work at first time, maybe i have to go back, and then try again… Is because me? It happens with object collision and with sprites collision… :cry:

Thanks for your time people, sorry for my english, i’m spanish :laughing:

Can we check the project? You could send it to me in a PM (with resources/sketches) :slight_smile:

I’ll put it here so hopefully somebody else can help :smiley: .

I don’t write sketches because i have it in mind the idea, then i would have to make them for the diferents levels :laughing: .

The player is the wolfman, and there are 2 kind of enemies, the skeleton how is always on the floor or above any object or another enemy, and the vampire, who can fly, so later i have to wonder how to make the skeleton go to the flor if the enemy or object whom is him above it’s gone XD.

Then, there are 4 kind of object (except flor and walls of course):
1 is the “sand”. You can break it, i’ll use it to put enemies above or the other object.
2 is the “moving rock”. There is a rock (the blue one) that you can move, and use it as a bridge when there is a space between you and the enemy, but you can also block yourself, i aply a force on it when i make the collision, still for correct something :laughing:
3 and 4 is the “ladder” and the “top of the ladder”. I just make a normal ladder and also a jumpthru object to be stand on the top of it… Also something to check because when i’m in the top, i can’t go under because i can’t go downthru the platform, is just upthru :laughing:

Also need the timer shown in the stage to put a limit to solve the stage, and maybe a re-start button and a rewind button for undone your wrong actions… It’s gonna be hard, i have brainache XD

I’ve got mistakes everywhere right now… i have to check a lot in the forum and probably make some questions… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

First i need to be sure that all the objects and enemies have the correct function, and then i can begin with the levels, i want to make 100lv, so it’s gonna take for a while, but if i have all the function working correctly, it will be just drop and drag objects and enemies… I hope :laughing:

Hope you can see my idea :sunglasses:

Ok, I don’t find any link, am I missing it? :laughing:
Anyway, try to check the “timer” variable in the debugger (if your game is HTML5, activate the native platform for a while to get the debugger: Activate a new platform, switch the platform to preview with the little arrow under the “Preview” button) :slight_smile: