How to show final Score?

Hi guys…

My game already have a Score, but when the Player die or change the scene i want to show all the points he make.

My Score already is a global variable, but how tho show the final score in this condictions??

Thanks for any help

I’m not getting what’s the problem here… you’re storing your score in a global variable, that’s perfectly right and means that variable remains intact even in a scene change. Why can’t you show the result of that variable in a new scene (something like a level ending screen) or suspend the controls for the level scene and show a layer where to show your score?

Are you having problems accesing that variable?
Is the variable changing its content for some reason?
Do you know how to show the content of a variable on screen?

What’s happening my friend?

Do you know how to show the content of a variable on screen?
I dont know how to do this

Use a text object, put it on the scene, and in events set the text object string to


(assuming the score variable is global and called Score) :slight_smile:

I so easy , i feel bad now :blush:
Thanks very much

But this buton problem make me crazy, nothing works in the APK version (only works in the first time or freeze the game)

Maybe the problem is in the software i use to export? I export to HTML 5 than use the Website 2 APK Builder, to convert

well, thanks for the help again

can you show me the action and the condition. I still can figure it out.

Please don’t necropost on such old posts. Probably none of the users in this topic are still around and many active users won’t look at those old posts. Create a new topic for your questions :wink: