How to show/hide layers?


I don’t know if it a bug or I do wrong something,this is the first time I try to use multiple layers in GameDevelop.
My problem is that,if I want to show or hide a layer on key press it doesn’t work.
I have uploaded an example to here: … sp=sharing

I have created a new layer called “layer2” and I set to not visible by default.I have added on object to layer 2,and an event to show layer2 on any key press.And it doesn’t work,nothing happens even not if I set the layer to visible by default and try to hide on any key press.
Doesn’t show or hide the layer on key press.

Anybody could help me please if I do wrong something or confirm that if it a bug?

This is indeed a bug, nice catch :slight_smile: Thanks for the useful example, I’ve fixed this issue for the next version.