How to show image when something is clicked?

I’m trying to make it so that the image switches to a different one when an object is clicked but it either only shows when the mouse is pressed down or only shows when the mouse is released, disappearing right after. How do I make the image stay on the screen?

I’m not exactly sure what you’re problem is, but if it’s mouse clicking when on the particular object, just use two conditions: Mouse button released/pressed and also use curser is on object, if your having problems with multiple screens switching, you’ll have to tell me more of what you’re trying to do,

Can you give a screen shot of your events? It’ll be incorrect logic that’s causing it.


You need to use the condition “mouse is on an object”. Also I see you have a repeating event, you should make that event only trigger at the beginning of the scene if that’s the only thing happening to it, otherwise you may have performance issues. Btw I’m talking about the event you are using to hide those objects, so unless your gonna use them later you’d have better performance making it only trigger at the beginning of the scene.

I’m not sure about your requast, but if understood this is the solution

You can of course add/modify the code to suit your needs.

Do you want it so the object stays changed once it’s been clicked? Or will it switch back again? And if it switches back again, what are the rules for that?

It’s supposed to stay on the screen when clicked and go back to the previous scene when the back button is clicked.

Ohh okay, I thought I’d have to put the hide function multiple times. And I’ve tried the “mouse is on object” condition so many times, it does not work. It literally does nothing, I think it’s a function that’s supposed to be removed but it’s still in the program

“The cursor/touch is on object” doesn’t work, it does nothing when previewed, I’ve tried so many times. “Cursor coordination is inside object” was the only one that worked, the function that doesn’t work is the clicking. The new image is supposed to stay on the screen but it only shows when the mouse is actively being clicked and disappears when I’m not clicking the mouse.