How to show numbers is scientific/enginering/any notations..

I’m making an idle game and I want to write 1.000.000 out as “1.000k” or anything, because it gets messy after a while, like reading 10000000000 is a bit harsh. XD
I tried to find solutions on this forum, tried the “.toExponential()” in javascript too (not recognized). Well I’m out of ideas now. :confused:

You have to store the value as an integer, for example, 1.000.000 as a common value 1000000. Then to show it to the user you’ll have to convert it yourself, following the example, to show the “K” it would be like:

Conditions: Variable MyNumber is > 1000 Actions: Do = ToString(floor(Variable(MyNumber)/1000)) + "K" to the text MyNumberDisplayer
If MyNumber is > 1000000 then ToString(floor(Variable(MyNumber)/1000000)) + “M” to the text :slight_smile:

And really… I made this complicated :smiley: