How to shuffle a deck

I have made a deck of cards but can’t seem to get a way to shuffle them when I pick one. each card is a different object. Would anyone have an idea to shuffle the cards that whenever I pick one a different card gets picked up?

RandomInRange() should do it.

in my card game i use the function pick random object and loop it over the deck


i didn’t understand, where do I input this?

so do i add it in the object variables? and what conditions should i use then? i am at my wits end

You can create a scene variable and use the random in range expression. So once it’s set to a certain number you can set an animation to it.

i wouldn’t like to trouble you more, but if possible could you send me a pic of the conditions required? i am not able to understand your directions

Sorry I cannot provide the events now because I am super busy. But this should help