How to shuffle a specific number of elements in an array?

So, l have an array of integers and I want to get N shuffled integers from it.
I also want to store those values in different variables.

For example, let’s say that the given array is {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}. I want the program to get 4 random integers from it and store them to RandomNumber1, RandomNumber2, RandomNumber3, RandomNumber4.

Is it possible? I’m kind of a beginner and my english is not that good, so I hope that I can understand any of your answers. Thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Array.getChildCount() is broken currently, so you’ll have to hard code the number of children, but let’s say that it’s 10 and your array is called RandomNumbers.
// First try to select 4 random positions
RandPos1 = Random(10)
RandPos2 = Random(10)
RandPos3 = Random(10)
RandPos4 = Random(10)

// Now do a bunch of loops to ensure that you picked four different positions
RandPos2 == RandPos1
THEN => RandPos2 = Random(10)

RandPos3 == RandPos1
RandPos3 == RandPos2
=> RandPos3 = Random(10)

RandPos4 == RandPos1
RandPos4 == RandPos2
RandPos4 == RandPos3
=> RandPos4 = Random(10)

// Now assign the values from those positions
RandomNumber1 = RandomNumbers[RandPos1]
RandomNumber2 = RandomNumbers[RandPos2]
RandomNumber3 = RandomNumbers[RandPos3]
RandomNumber4 = RandomNumbers[RandPos4]

It’s cumbersome to write CONDITIONAL and ACTION a bunch of times, so I hope you can understand my shorthand above.

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Can you elaborate? I’ve used this with arrays without any issues, and it’d be good to understand where it’s shortfalls are.

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Should be fixed in next release.

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Ahh, that only applies to an instance/object array variable. Not a scene variable, which is what I’ve been using.