How to solve when taking action using the animated keyboard is silent in 1 frame, it doesn't continue?

and i using platformer character behavior

You have two different events for when you press the z key. Most surely the first one is switched to the second fast enough to not being seen.

In the space bar event and in the up key event you change the animation to 3, but just jump in the up key event. Then you change the animation again when the player is jumping. Maybe you can just simulate the jump key, and let the event is jumping do the animation change.

Not sure if it is needed to add the is moving condition in the Right and Left keys events. Maybe you could try

  • IF Right key pressed
    QuartzMainCharacter is on floor
    • Change animation to 1
      Flip Horizontal no

and the same for left key. Right now you are testing if the key is pressed and the character is already moving. Not sure if it could work like this.

I hope it helps

Thanks, but i have the problem at the z action it is punch animation but it stuck at frame 1 animation can you solve it ?

The punch animation is at animation 4
I already make the time slower but the result is still same

Along with @oscuridad666’s suggestion,

While changing animation, always use Trigger Once so the animation doesn’t get played constantly and get stuck in Frame 1 because the animation always start at Frame 1 and constantly changing animation means other frames doesn’t get played.

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Wait i already tried but it too fast ,can i see how you applied ?

These value, you gotta increase it to make your animation a little slower

That number is the delay between each frame, if I remember correctly