How to spawn character at checkpoint ?

Hi guys !

I’m busy with a platformer game …but I’m in a bit of a jam ! I created 3 checkpoints on each stage/scene in the game where the character needs to spawn when it dies ,but I can’t get it to work. When my character dies I want it to spawn at the previous checkpoint. My checkpoints are called Check1,Check2 and Check 3. I’ve tried to code it in this manner:
When character comes into contact with certain object it changes the animation of the character’s power until it reaches the point of death. Then I coded it to delete the character. After this I coded it to create the character (Player) at Check.X().I also inserted the number in the Check. I’ve attached a screenshot of Checkpoint 2. When my Player falls into the ocean I want it to respawn at Checkpoint 2.Please guys I need some help.


I made a small example for you. It has working checkpoints.
Please excuse my awful sprites. I made them very quickly :laughing: (6.72 KB)

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