How to stop collectibles from respawning?

Hi. I’m making a game where there is a main scene, and several other scenes that are like rooms, and you would often leave in and out of them to the main scene. Each scene has collectibles, and I would like to make it so that re-entering a scene does not cause these collectibles to respawn, as right now, after picking up the collectible and leaving the scene, if you go back into the scene at a later time, the collectibles are still there and you can pick them up again.

You could make the spawn location objects have a condition that if you have those collectibles in your inventory to not respawn them.

One way is to store an id for the object in a global structure as it’s collected and remove it if the collectable object id is in the global structure when you start the scene.

To achieve this:

  1. give the collectable objects a unique numeric id (say called “Id”) in the scene editor so that no 2 collectables in a scene have the same id.
  2. create a global structure, say named “CollectedObjects
  3. When you collect a collectable object (in this example called “CollectableApple”), set CollectableObjects[CurrentSceneName() + CollectableApple.Id] = 1
  4. Add an event so that at the beginning of the scene that goes over each collectable object and deletes if from the scene if [CurrentSceneName() + CollectableApple.Id exists as a child of CollectableObjects.

Hi, sorry. I’m quite new to GDevelop, and I can’t figure out how to give an object a unique numeric id.

Hi. There is no inventory. Just collectibles by using a score or specific number of that collectible required to unlock something. Additionally, the collectibles are many instances of the same object, so I’m not sure this would work unless I am understand incorrectly.

sorry my second previous message was not a reply to you, so I am replying now so you may hopefully see it.

In the scene editor, click the 3 dots beside the object in the right hand panel to get this popup:


Thank you Would you min showing me what the line of code would look like in GDevelop that you mentioned earlier? I don’t quite understand what exactly it would like like as the conditions and actions in the events.

Sure. Here’s how you would keep track of the objects collected (in this case, Apple is a collectable object):

And at the beginning of the scene, remove already collected collectables: