How to stop player after reactivating TopDownMovement behaviour

I’ve got a player object/sprite with TopDownMovement behaviour attached. I switch the behaviour off when the player enters a portal, position tween them to an exit portal, and reactivate the TopDownMovement behaviour.

However, when the behaviour is turned on, the player moves in the direction that they were going when they entered the first portal. It’s as if the deceleration is still to complete, and does so after the behaviour is reactivated.

Is there a way to stop the player from moving at all once the behaviour is reactivated?

Or should I raise this as a bug?

Please show us your events. If you think this is a bug please make a small project that reproduce the issue.

Here are the event of a very basic project that replicates the behaviour.

How would I go about submitting it as a GDevelop project?