How to take damage from each enemy

Hi community
How to take damage from each enemy, not individually.
In a group of enemies, each enemy deals single damage to me, and I want each enemy to hit.
How can i solve this

If I read it well, it only happens when the Timer is over 1 second, right? And when it happens, you reset the timer. So it will only happen once every second your character is touching an enemy, no matter how many enemies are around.

Maybe you can turn the general timer into an object timer, so each enemy can attack the player once every second to avoid an attack spamming, but every enemy may hit the player when the touch happens.

Repeat for each instance of Scout5

  • Scout5 is in collition with PC_Tester
  • The timer “hitExhaust2” of Scout5 is greater than 1 second…

I hope it helps

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I solved the problem in a different way.
I created an additional sprite that is responsible for the hitting

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