How to Tell How a Game will look on Mobile?

Hey all,
Is there a way to tell how a game will look on mobile? I’ve attached an image below. In the top image, the red ball is in the bottom left of the screen. How will it appear on the phone (bottom image)? Is there a way to make it fit the same on all phone screens without black bars/too much resizing?

If you choose landscape, the game displays in landscape mode, no matter how you rotate your phone.
The red ball will be in the upper left (or lower right) corner.
That’s what it does on my phone, anyway.

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Thanks for the answer. Since you’ve seen how gdev apps look on mobile, how can I make my game fit all screens properly without black bars or resizing?

I don’t think that’s possible.

I need an answer to this question :disappointed_relieved:

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