How to tell if editor has unsaved changes

How can we tell if the GDevelop 5.1.153 editor has unsaved changes?

The old editor has an asterix besides the filename along the top of the screen. But this has been taken out, and it doesn’t appear anywhere that unsaved changes are indicated.

Indeed, it disappeared along with the title bar.
To me, it’s no issue, I ctrl-s before closing, and I ctrl-shift-s regularly, but it seems to confuse/irritate a number of users.
Where would you want it?
We can’t put it in a scene tab, considering that the save is project-wide. And the Home tab isn’t super relevant either.
I could see it next to the game title in the project properties, but it’s auto-collapsed now (for now, at least :eyes:), so it’s not so convenient.

Or the project icon could change. Say from those 3 hollow shapes to 3 filled shapes. Just something subtle.

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Why not, but that’s not really standard, so it would need to be explained somewhere.
I’m more annoyed by not knowing what filename is opened, because I have multiple times the same project in the Home tab, and I don’t know which is which.