How to test/deploy a project to both Native and HTML5?

If you open a gdevelop ‘example project’ [Basic Platformer, as an example], you can test it on both Native and HTML5 environment, in a simple click.

But when it comes to our projects, we are asked to choose between Native or HTML5 in the very beginning. :confused:

I want to be able to export simultaneously to Native [Win/Mac/Lnx] and HTML5 [Android/iOS] as gdevelop example projects.

How to do that? Thanks in advance. :smiley:

hum… You should work only on HTML5 platform then, and do not use extension from native platform wich aren’t existing on html5 platform. I can’t guarantee the switch button html5/native will work either, since i work only on native platform for years.

In my opinion, you couldn’t use only one project for both desktop and mobile, there are too many different params : input, screensize, and by this gameplay of course.

Native platform does not work for macOS.

The only way to export from one project to all platforms is HTML5, but you’ll need other 3rd part tools to converts it in native app if it’s your wish.

Hm… I see… Had no idea it didn’t support MacOS natively.

I realized as time passed by that going html5 would be the best bet. Then using PhoneGap to deploy to mobile and NW.js to desktop to convert them to native.

But I have a doubt, when ‘converting to native’, performance IS like native? Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

idk much about html5 performance, i know a lot of work have been done on it, but native engine is much more performant from what i know. As the render engine is different, you can’t expect same performance i suppose.

Got it. Thanks for the info! :smiling_imp:

I also wondered how you could try out a project on both HTML5 and native. This is how you do it:

  1. Click on the Projects tab
  2. Click on Extensions and platforms
  3. Right-click over the one you want to add and click “Use this platform”. Click Close
  4. Close down the scene and events windows. Reopen your scene.
  5. Click the arrow under Preview and choose from two options! :smiley:

A picture is worth… ok, it’s a gif, I guess it worths a thousand * number of frames :smiley:

Oh! :open_mouth: Didn’t know it was so easy! Thanks u guys! :smiley: