How to test game on an iPhone?

Please bear with me, I’m new to this and have a lot of questions:

[I have Gdevelop 5 and my game is HTML5]

-Is there an easy way to test out the game every now and then as I’m making it?
-Is it easy to install and uninstall?


-My UI has on screen controls for touch devices and they are clickable, but is there an event I have to create to enable touching multiple buttons at once?

I don’t know about your second question about multiple touch, but as I know it, GDevelop 5 export to iOS isn’t available yet as it is in beta. Only Android and HTML5 right now. But I’m sure it’ll get there soon enough. If you hit “export game” button next to the project manager (top right of the interface), you can see “Export to android (and iOS coming soon)”.

Hope you find the answers for your questions.

Oh, bummer ):

Well, if I can get a hold of an android, and I export the game, how would I install it on my phone?

To test the game on your phone easily you can use the “Preview through wifi” (test the game in your phone browser), read about it here: :slight_smile:

About the multitouch, check the platformer example, there is an action to activate multitouch (“Move mouse cursor when touching screen: no”), I know it is not very descriptive :unamused:

Thank you guys! This is helpful