How to Update Exported Game Apps?

I have packaged and exported my new game as playable apps for Windows and Android.

How do I apply updates to the exported game apps for users?

On Android Mobile:

On Windows PC:

Shameless plug: :upside_down_face:

The game is only playable on browser for now.
I will not upload the downloadable game apps, until this update problem is resolved.

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That’s great congrats on your game! I don’t know about Windows but if you’re going to put your game in the google play store, from what I’ve seen you will need an upload key to update it (letting google do the play app signing for you). I don’t know how you get this if you use the automatic build. So if someone can shed some light on that for you. If you built it manually it’s a fairly straightforward process.

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The Play Store will update the games on the players’ devices depending on their device settings.
Updates should be done manually on Windows apps, I guess, but you can add events to check if an update is available (there’s no inbuilt feature for that, I think, you have to design it) to warn the players and maybe offer a download link.

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