How to upload your HTML 5 game to Kongregate?

IMO best advertisement of game making program is good game made in it on popular site.

Because of it, I’m making such game (HTML5) and want to upload it to Kongregate. But I don’t know how! Any ideas?

P.S.: I have Kong account and I’ve previously uploaded both Flash and Unity games there, but uploading HTML5 one seems different. Any ideas?

I’m afraid I can’t be of help, but do let us know when you’re game is up! Would be very interested to see it. : )

What are the other games you have on there?

Indulge yourself.

It should be fairly easy, just check “HTML5” when uploading the game to Kongregate, and give them an URL to the exported game hosted on your website. Maybe they can host it for you, I do not know. :slight_smile:

Did you manage to get success with this?

Well, I didn’t yet make this game, just was asking in advance.