How to use a 2d sprite for 3rd person 3d?

I know for a fact that it is probably most likely possible to somehow make an animated billboard character have 3rd person perspective from behind … in GDevelop. Now, while I have referenced various specific things here (billboard extension; 3d person perspective; 2d sprite; animation) I also realize that, for example, 3d blocks, which are, I believe the only things the billboard extension works with, cannot be animated. But 2d sprites can. However, the third person perspective only works with 3d objects. This is a big dilemma. What I’m wondering is if there might be some simple, step by step way, to solve this dilemma, and, in GDevelop, to make a pixel art 2d sprite, to function like a 3d block billboard with its back centered on the camera, without actually being one. I have a few ideas such as pinning an invisible 3d block to its position or making it gui, (most ideas involve invisible 3d objects) but I haven’t figured out how to employ anything yet, and I was wondering if somebody here, in simple, comprehensible, and clear language, might have any idea at this, or else might even have experience in it?

Check the “Face image” action, with this it is possible to animate the 3D Box graphics.

I just looked. Yes, that can change the image on the box, but it would be very difficult to do anything but the most simple animations with that (and a very brief timer) such as for npcs.

Oh, dear! I just figured out the furthest from what I was wanting possibility, though, most likely the one simplest to configure the events of! All assets have effects. You could likely add an outline effect or a pixel effect to a 3d sprite to make it like 2d but with the pixel effect, it would look poor, and with the outline effect, it would look vaguely 3 dimensional, still.

Any better methods would be great.

Nope. No 3d object effects.

Perhaps 1st person with 2d npcs would be best.

If you’re always looking at the main character’s back, you can put a sprite on the layer above. I can’t really help with NPCs

Hi, I also have this problem… I wanted to make a tile map and tilt the camera to give a little perspective effect but the sprites don’t display outside the Mask or the camera’s initial field of view. So I’m using the 3D boxes, but it doesn’t suit me at all, and I’m still looking for a solution to use the 3rd person view with sprites…
Example: on the left, the island with a 3D box, on the right, the island with a sprite (which means cropping outside the mask).

Npcs might be doable by the 3d boxes because I do have an idea how they can be animated, but only with very simple animations. This would work for npcs because most are idle. And look at my own comments on reply # 7, for 2d 3rd person, because the major question of this topic is figured out there (theoretically, anyways, but that’s better than nothing.)

This would work, I believe. There are two theoretical methods: an invisible 3d box at the camera’s center, in the 3d layer, and a 2d sprite “anchored” (again, referencing the result, rather than the method) to the 3d character. The cameras can be synchronized so that both sprites are stuck on top of each other, though not linked together. Then there is the simpler but less practical option 2: stick the 2d player to the bottom of the screen and give it close up 3rd person using 1st person. Then attacks and stuff can be linked to 2d player animations, but movement will be the other polyp on the man-o-war, you might say, the 3d camera position box.

Pasting the 3D box with the sprite won’t work: see my screen. It’s a display problem with sprites, as if they were displayed with the base camera’s field of view (elevation:90). When you lower the elevation, a band is created at the top, making the sprites invisible. Gluing them to a 3D box will not make them visible in this band.
Here we have a 3D box with airplane, island and boat sprites, with the camera frame clearly visible at 80° elevation.

2D+3D layers are only for 2,5D. It won’t work if you change the camera rotation.