How to use CapsLock key in game?

there is * key is pressed in the GDev engine, but it seems like CapsLock is not included.

Players will use WASD to move in my games, so it is easier for player to press CapsLock to cast a spell or something.

You could probably use JavaScript but IMHO I don’t think it would be worthwhile. There are so many supported keys that would work just as well if not better.

It might still be beneficial to have the ability to detect both the caps lock key and it’s state.

thx, but i am a JavaScript noob :joy:

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This works cleanest if you make a menu that gives the player an option to change key bindings.

EDIT: 2nd condition is Key pressed (text expression)

thx , i’ve tried , but all the keys work except Capslock :joy:

Hmm, thats too bad. I guess your only option is to make an extension with JavaScript as Keith mentioned before.