How to use jfxr

Jfxr has lots of sound setting categories, such as pitch and waveform. Most of these are quite obvious in what they control, but in science class I learned about two scientific areas in how a sound’s wave looks: Frequency, and amplitude. Could somebody please explain all of the strange other customizations that are on jfxr? In the words of a . . . odd man, “Hulk don’t understand.”

Writing a post to explain all the parameters would take a very long time. It’s asking a lot. I suggest you google the terms.

Yeah, I was actually considering that.

Okay, I have begun to research online and I’ve run across one of the jfxr settings that I cannot find out what it does, whether from research, or from listening to it, but I can see that on “Default 1” sound, which is just a bird-chirp sound, really, at high sustain, it changes the shape of the very beginning of the visual, but doeswn’t do anything else, either visual or audial. What does sustain punch do, if it has any purpose whatsoever?

Okay, I’m done with this all right now. I think I’ve really figured out the basics: There are tooltips I didn’t notice (but still have trouble understanding, though am fully capable of figuring them out on my own) and there are odd little guidelines above each category, which show you how each effect effects the sound in its own way. I did not previously notice this.

This setting also control the pitch of sound. Higher value increase the pitch, make the sound higher pitch frequency. Lower value can make the sound frequency lower.