How to use linked Objects

Hey guys,

how to use linked objects?

after linking object, how do I get it?

Can I get an object bound in a collision from another object?

There is a event “Take into accoutn all objects’A’ linked to this object ‘Y’”

There are too events to “unlink” two objects or all objects linked to other.

Don’t get what you mean.

First, thank you for your fast reply… :slight_smile:

Is there any way I can get a linked object in a collision… one of the linked objects is the object that collided…?

I solved problem with group… but i want to make with linked objects… that’s possible?

docs about this does not exist on the site

If I’m not wrong (I’m lunching in my job right now), you just need to use the “Take into account all linked objects bla bla…” before check the collision. Try it.

That’s right.