How to use noise generator extension

HI, I recently came across a extention for gdevelop called noise and installed it and had no idea how to use it and had no documentation for it online. Can any one tell me how to use it because it is very useful for open world games


Hi, I followed the tutorial and I am having problem mapping the noise value as the document said. Please help me. when I searched for the map function, nothing showed up and when I tried writing the whole command, it is showing a whole lot of error . I have downloaded the extension and also wrote the correct variable in the noise generator parameter. I don’t know what the problem is.

Well, it clearly says you don’t have the calc extension.

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Is there a calc extension?
Searched it but got nothing related to numbers or calculations

@arthuro555 Thanks you so much :heart_eyes:. I found a work around for the map function and it was to just multiply the noise by 255 and also tweaked the code a bit to optimize it and I am getting amazing results. But, it is still not perfect.Is there a way to optimize it a bit more because it still has some lag issues.And also It is taking a lot of time to load(Like 1 to 2 minutes for a 400 by 400 map :point_down:) and is there a way to reduce it? I am trying to make a huge map but I don’t think it will load even in a day if it is like this. Is this because I am trying to load a big map? Shouldn’t the generation and noise happen after it is loaded? I played around with it a lot but could not find a way. Please help.


One more question, what should I put in the x and y value in the noise parameter, I know that in the tutorial it is Variable X and Y, but I am trying to create object from an external layout so there is no X and Y. And also how can I save a whole scene like a event were it will save the state of the whole scene( the x and y of all the object the state of all the variable etc…) and can be loaded later. we can’t save the whole scene in storage or filesystem and it is impossible to save the state of a big scene like open world procedural generated world that is not already made or designed. So, if there is a way please let me know. I am trying to make a 2D sci fi minecraft-like top down game.