How to use sprite sheet?

How can I use sprite sheet in gdevelop?

GDevelop currently doesn’t supports tilemaps. The recommended way to use it is to create maps in tiled, save the tiled file and export to a PNG. You can then use the exported png as a normal sprite, and once tilemaps support is added you will be able to import the tiled file directly.
For animations in a spritesheet, you can use piskel’s import tool for splitting it.

If you have an organized sprite sheet with even columns and rows you can easily cut it up on Online sprite sheet cutter / splitter / decompiler. Then download, unzip and load the individual sprites into GDevelop. Takes a minute. You can also do a similar thing using a free paint program like Gimp.

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Hey all,

As a heads up, while you can’t use a full spritesheet currently, the built in version of Piskel will fully split your spritesheet for you as long as it is a single animation.

Here’s a tutorial: How to Import a Sprite Sheet using Piskel [GDevelop wiki]