How To Use The Time Scale For A Clicker Game?

So I have one upgrade in my game at the moment for my clicker game. How would I scale the upgrade price every time one of them is bought? Also how would I scale the time between each time it gives me one click capped at 10 upgrades to make a second like the clickers from cookie clicker.

also here’s my “code”

(You might have to zoom in) also the last condition is meant to say greater than 10 seconds not 1 second

Your first 2 actions just make the clicker blinks when you click on it. Is it?
Avoid repeating conditions. You used 3 times same condition to do different actions.
Put actions in a subevent.
You messed up timers names.

everything I have implemented into the game works I just want to know how to make it so when I buy an upgrade it scales the price like cookie clicker. I also want it to scale the time it takes to give one click when I buy the upgrade so for example when I buy one fist it takes 10 seconds then when I buy 2 fists it takes 9 seconds and gives 2 clicks so on and so fourth until we get to 1 second. Then I want it to stop at 1 second but just have the amount of clicks you get go up and the price for the click to scale as well.