How to use TileMapMasks(solved)

So I recently learned how to use the Tile map object in gdevelop easily, and so I tried to make a platformer, just to test. At first I just used objects that where hidden at the start of the scene as the platforms. That worked just fine, but was very tedious. Then I saw the TileMapMask object and saw that it generated masks for specific classes of tiles. I gave platforms the class “platform”. gave the object the “platform behavior” and… it didn’t work. Is there some action I need to put in the event sheet, or did i misunderstand something. By the way, i did start another topic on something, but forgot to reply as I lost interest in that project, so sorry Drona.

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Tilemap object [GDevelop wiki] You will need to follow the process in the wiki.

You will still need to manually draw your collisions for your tileset (in Tiled) before you can use the tilemap collison mask object.

Ok, I will follow the wiki and also draw the collisions. Thanks. I’ll get back to you once I have tried that.

Erm, I just loaded my project and the tilemapmask did what it is supposed to so, thanks, I guess