How to use TTS by google

How to use Text to speech function by google?
If it is possible then plz explain with code screenshot
as I’m not coder.

Few key parts here:

  1. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have a public/free TTS API available for development. The free text to speech apps/pages they have would not be easily (or at all possible) integrated into game logic. You can pay for the google cloud services TTS API access, but it is a “pay per usage” service.
  2. Even using the google cloud services TTS API, you would need to fully understand javascript to be able to implement pulling the audio back from the API and implement it in your game, while there are network events in the engine, the API doesn’t return wav files or store them anywhere so you would still have to build out your own javascript code to pull, interpret, and utilize the audio it generates. Not easy stuff.

For #3:

It is generally recommended to not ask something like this when doing any type of game (or any type of) development. I understand you’re not a coder, but this is the equivalent of saying “please do all of the effort for me”, and can lead to people ignoring your thread entirely, whereas otherwise people might be more willing to point you in the right direction.

All of that said, while you won’t be able to use TTS by google, you may be able to use the native TTS for whatever system you’re on. It still involves javascript, but check out the “text to speech” example included in the engine and it has a lot of that effort done for you.

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There also exists an extension for Text to Speech since a few weeks ago

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i create a project using the extension but when i export to apk and test it on my phone it just show the progress bar and never start the project

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