How/what do I do to get the default top down movement to stop on a dime?

Was wondering if it was worth trying to tweak it. Seems more appropriate for 2d top down vehicles, because I can’t seem to get it to move like a person. Will I just have to make my own?

The simplest way would be to set the deceleration to a large number, like 10,000.

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Yeah, but there’s a little bit of a windup before hitting top speed. It’s not twitchy enough.

Try increasing the acceleration in the top-down movement behaviour.

This seems to feel ok :


I can’t seem to set it to anything that resembles a walking speed, but considering I’m not sure if I’m going to need it or not, will hopefully do the job for now.

Hmm… MrMen’s example settings above starts and stops instantly for me too. I’m not seeing any windup, so this should work fine for 90% of cases.

If you want a gradual acceleration but instant stop, just leave acceleration at something normal, but keep deceleration super high.