How will I add mods for my game

How do I make my game accept mods like Minecraft and Minetest

let me look in to this for you but I’m pretty sure you can use something like THNK.json and THNK.adapter files for those can be found online

Okay thank you very much
I’ll browse for the THNK.json and THNK adapter files

Mods are about changing the look of an object with external images and adding extra objects, which GDevelop currently cannot do as the resources are included in the build. I don’t see how an adapter can solve this.

From Adapters | THNK

"An adapter tells THNK how to communicate with servers or clients in a specific way. "

I was thinking maybe they could do something with the server idrk.

A) There’s a such thing as GMod, which, though I haven’t tried it out before and barely looked at it, might be helpful.
B) all an in-game modding menu would be would be a fancy settings menu. Therefore, if somebody could contact you OR you could contact them, or else, if you had a website where people could post suggested mods, then you could implement them in the menu. Then you could set up variables or an inventory system, and if you selected a certain, mod, various changes would be switched “on,” in inventory or events, causing the changes to be made.