How would I fix an "Internal Crash" on my Liluo build

Hey, all!
I’ve been banging out a little prototype game and having the designer just play my Liluo build when I have something to try. Life has been great! Until last night when I did another build and now I have an Internal Crash in the console.

*EDIT: The game preview runs great as well as a windoze build…

I’d rather not share the project link at this point if I can avoid it, so I’ll just paste the pertinent error text here: (but I can share a link if it’s really needed)

logger.js:1 [Game manager] Internal crash: TypeError: f.LayerRenderer is not a constructor
log @ logger.js:1
layer.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: f.LayerRenderer is not a constructor
    at new h (layer.js:1:581)
    at new l (RuntimeSceneLayer.js:1:64)
    at c.addLayer (runtimescene.js:1:2593)
    at c.loadFromScene (runtimescene.js:1:1627)
    at a.push (scenestack.js:1:1306)
    at c.startGameLoop (runtimegame.js:1:5972)
    at index.html?userSlug=gdevlaw&gameSlug=falling-coconuts-prototype:116:18
    at runtimegame.js:1:5794

*Edit! I also found this little guy above amongst some warnings:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected number (at layer-pixi-renderer.js:1:2028)

I kinda feel like it’s one of those things that’s a silly oops and an easy fix - if anyone has any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Well, it mentions “layer” and “number”, and that’s about all I can tell you, so check your layers and related settings and events. :person_shrugging:
Disable some events/scenes and see where that leads you.
But if it works as a Windows build, it should work on Liluo. Have you tried other browsers and incognito mode?

Thanks for getting back @Gruk !
Yes, I’ve tried on all of my browsers : Edge, Chrome, and Opera and no joy, even in incognito with everything disabled.

Interestingly enough, I’ve continued on development as per usual and just a bit ago I tried another Liluo build and it works now - without changing any layer related code, or any graphics related code for that matter.
So, I’m a bit spooked out!
At this point I’m expecting the Lulio builds to work only some of the time! …But as long as I can get one to work once in a while I can continue!

Anyway, thanks, I appreciate the help!

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