How would I make a basketball shot meter like NBA 2K?

How could I make a basketball shooting system like NBA 2k where you press a button to shoot the basketball and a meter would appear, if you released it at the top with precise timing, the shot goes in, but if you mistime it, you won’t make it.

I don’t know how I can calculate the shot arc so the ball goes into the hoop with a realistic arc, or how I can make the timing system. Can anybody help with this?

use timer for losing … for meter use variable “set to” that after using a condition like an animation for the ball before u hit the ball for example after animation 1 set variable 1 meter… or after animation 2 set 2 meters like that …

I’ve used a type of timing system in my Wario Ware game jam (select the “You VS CPU game”) :

The events to get the meter moving back and forth is :

And the changing the power gauge it using :

As for the angle of the ball, that’s something you’ll have to determine either by trial and error, or by mathematical computation. Or search the internet for what you want - there are bound to be a number of solutions around.