How would I make a multidirectional dash?

I want to make a dash ability, where you can dash in eight directions. I’ve tried using force, but it seems to just move the character instantly. Does anyone know how I can make this?

I would recommend to move the character at an increased speed during a specific period, using timers.

Would that also help make the character dash upwards or diagonally?

If you want the character to dash you need to either apply a force to it or make a tween.

A simple way of doing it off the top of my head is adding forces based on an angle paired with key combinations, for example:

Up key is pressed
Left key is not pressed
Right Key is not pressed

Add force to “Player” of 1000 at an Angle of 90º

Then do the same for all 8 positions and combinations like

Up key is pressed
Left key is pressed

Add force to “Player” of 100 at an Angle of 45º

Something along those lines

No, but that will solve the issue about the charcter teletransporting to a place instead of moving towards it.