HP Units look extremely weird when adding more Max HP

How do I…

Hello, I am trying to make a HP counter for my shooter game. It’s not an HP bar, but more of a Resource Units HP counter. In my game, you can add more to your max health to become stronger. I made it so you can interact with a placeholder object to use your score points to “buy” more max health. If you buy the max health, an extra heart is added to your counter, and if you lose that life, it has an “empty” sprite for that singular heart. Like if it was always that way!

What is the expected result

If I buy more max health, a new heart and heart background are added to my health counter. If I should get hurt, my heart dissapears, but the background empty sprite of that heart remains there. When a heart is added, it goes right next to the previous one, making a single file. The first heart stays at the same position, so the hearts stay at the left-top most part of the screen.

What is the actual result

Joe-ever, if I add more max health, the health counters move to the right to “become centered”??? The borders and empty sprite of the hearts are not added, and if you lose a heart, it dissapears like if it was never there.

Related screenshots

How it looks like at first
real real
The hearts going crazy after I add more max health


I am not sure that we have enough of your events to help you there… how do you draw these hearts ?

I used “Pixel Heart Bar” template found when using Resource Bar (units) but modified it so it would be bigger. Should I use a different method?

It sounds like the good way to go. Have you tried opening the extension in the editor to understand how it works ? (I have never used this extension. But that how I solve that type of issue)