HTML implementation

Is there a way to add a HTML file to your game as like a minigame you can play within the game?
if there is, then how do you do it?

The iframe extension.

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I meant like is there a way to add a playable ZIP file to the game so I can play the file within the game

Could you explain, in steps, what exactly you are trying to achieve? HTML and ZIP are very different things.

if you want a game within a game the easiest way to go about it is just to run them both in the same engine.

HTML File running in a game

without a website link
or just an easier way to explain how to use the extension you showed me

an iframe extension sounds like it would do exactly what you want.

If you cannot host the files, you can try encoding the HTML file into a data URL, and using it as the url of the iframe. Note that any link to external resources in the html file should also be replaced with data urls encoding the corresponding file.

how do I get the iframe set up, like the width and height to fit the screen