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This has nothing to do with GDevelop but since this has a community of great developers I thought you guys could help. I want to make a login/register form with PHP without a database to go off. (So maybe saving usernames and passwords to a seperate .txt file?) If you guys could help me that would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Have you tried what they’re talking about here? Might need something more current. :thinking:

Sorry I can’t be of much help - I have worked with PHP files before, but it was mostly minor changes to existing code like language strings and stuff. My understanding of the syntax is rudimentary at best :\ Good luck!

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Its helpful, but I’m wondering how to register as well and not just login. So I don’t have to manually add the accounts. What I’m trying to do is make my own little social media website, so I can learn how the pro’s do it.

Ah okay. Do you have a web host with CPanel?

If so, have you checked out Softaculous or Fantastico apps?
(GDevelop should try to get in there for people that want to host the editor)

Nearly all of the apps are open source and include several to create your own social media site. Everything like account registration, login, modules, etc is already set up once you’ve installed it. You basically just edit the theme and configuration stuff. Then you can look at the code if you want in the File Manager.

They usually do require a MySQL database, which is more secure than making it completely file based, but these should be included in your hosting plan.

I’ve installed and experimented with a few via my host. All of the apps have Pro’s and Con’s, of course, but it’s a good way to - at the very least - see how they code them.

There’s Elgg, Dolphin/Boonex (don’t bother with this one - super complicated, bloated code, hard to edit the theme, and very little support), Oxwall, a Facebook knock-off that I don’t remember the name of now. Some content management systems like Joomla also offer social media-like extensions.

The thing is though, I can download and install to my personal computer but my school computer is the only one with internet connection so I tried doing this with Is there a way to do this without a database and all that because they don’t support databases yet.

Ooh, I see.

The ones I linked to definitely need a database. Scrap that idea for now. It’s good if you did have a host with CPanel, regular Internet access at home, etc. Don’t worry about downloading any of it because it won’t work without Internet and a host that supports databases.

On, it looks like you definitely have to do something file based, but I’ve never used that site before to where I’d be able to walk you through stuff. And since most of my experience is in using those apps I was talking about, I’ve never had to really code it all from scratch other than adding custom HTML and CSS.

I would also prefer if the services are free.

oh. Is there any website that does this for free?

I don’t know of any that don’t cost something, sorry.

Thanks anyway. By the way, if you ever want to create anything with I can help you. Not only will you have a helper, but we both can learn more about coding at the same time :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome and thank you! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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I would personally prefer to do it with Django and python on Python anywhere. For free php MySQL hosting I used to use Hostinger.

I found a website called I think it might be the answer I’m looking for.