Html objects and a feature to use a scene as the splash screen

Hi, a feature to add html objects and being able to customize the splash screen would be amazing.

What do you mean by HTML objects?
The splash screen is for the loading of the game, so we can’t play a scene while the scenes load. :slight_smile:

Hi, You are right I meant to say a customizable splash screen but I think that that is already on gedevelop’s tello.
And with html objects I mean to be able to insert custom html code in the game using the game engine itself.
Thanks, have a good day

You can insert javascript, but for HTML, I suppose you need to edit the output files (html build) yourself. What are you trying to achieve?

You need to explain why you request features. Adding new features takes a lot of work, you have to convince whoever might be able to do it, and ideally, convince many people who’ll vote for your request. :slight_smile: