[HTML5] Customizing preloader

Currently preloader is just percentage against black background. How about adding option to customize it by using “preloader scene” (new special type of scene).

Limitation of such scene would be:

  • No global variables/external events/external layouts
  • Only Sprite and Text objects allowed
  • Sum of size of all sprites used in preloader can’t extend 1MB (so preloader will load quickly), possibly less.
  • No sound-related events.

Also new expression function would be added: Percent Loaded which would return how many percent did get loaded, so you can show progress bar or whatever.

Yes. It has my vote. I was looking for something like that.
I do not know how hard is to implement such feature, but it would be a nice improvement.

Or… maybe something more simple, like we could choose between 3 loading templates:

Classic: the percentage( the way it is now )
Bar: a loading bar with a percentage in the middle of it
Pizza: a pizza fill with percentage in the middle of it

Stencyl has it pretty much figured out. Basically you chose bg image, then set progress bar settings and its position. One of the parameters for “progress bar” that could be added is type, whether it is an actual bar, percentage or something custom (user could here load 100 images that would corresponds to percentage loaded). And bg image could be a gif.

This is a very low priority feature (I assume that 4ian agrees on that) comparing to multitouch and others and it’s also almost useless.

If someone has already done this via embedding java-script I would like to hear about that. Not sure it needs to be added as a function it just need to be explained in tutorials.

I gather the loader is using Pixi JS based on what files export but I’m not sure how to modify it to display a logo… thats pretty much all I need.

Update: I worked it out

Anyone reading this, please feel free to use my script mod to add a logo to your projects
the image should 289 x 109px and added to your images within the GD.

If you require a different size logo, you will need to adjust the position of the image by modifying the script.

drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Rk-G … sp=sharing