HTML5 physics not working on android

Hello, the title says it all, I guess. Physics (platform automatism also) does not work on android devices using html5. Any way to handle this? All objects are falling, ignoring any platform or physics. Thank you

Edit: I tried to compile the default platformer game and uploaded to my website, it is STILL NOT WORKING. So the problem is not in my project

Can you give me the link to the game on your website?

Hello 4ian, I appreciate your will to help me, thank you. Well, as I said I uploaded testing files with the only purpose, the compatibility of Gdevelop scripts with android devices. The default platformer game (tutorial project) when exported into html5 does not work on android browser. Everything works normally on PC. I have tried many html5 games developed by forum users on android on NONE of them works. I guess this problem is solved, Gdevelop html5 scripts are not compatible with android devices (and probably any other than PC devices)

I tested it on 2 different devices (tablet) Android 4.1 and Android 4.3 with the default stock android browser. Both have the same problem, objects instantly falling off the screen when the game loads, ignoring any platform (tried physics only also) scripts

Have you tried another web browser like Firefox on Android ? (because, everything is fine on my Nexus 5 with Android 5.0.2 using Firefox)

I will try that, but it will not solve the problem, for real. It is promo project on a website visited mostly by android and iOS devices, making the suggestion to a visitor of downloading another browser highly unproductive compared to finding another solution for a straight up cross-device working html5 canvas game. Guess the good old css animation salad sleepless nights are waiting for me… gdevelop would be too easy and good to be really working, I guess :slight_smile:

Update!! : I have recreated the test platform project in another game creating software and everything works great!! So the problem really is somewhere in Gdevelop. I will go into the code and try to find whats up. I really want to stick with and support Gdevelop!

Okay guys, I have it. Gdevelop does not compile html5 games with jquery !! After adding jquery 2.1.1 script into index.html everythings works !! Can you please post this somewhere or contact admin?! I think it might help somebody, or everybody… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Didn’t see the message above, see my answer below.

HTML5 games produced by GDevelop are intended to run on any modern capable web browser, including Chrome/Firefox/Safari mobile versions.
It’s a shame that Android still have a default web browser that is really not as powerful and standard compliant as Safari/Chrome.

I must admit I’ve never made advanced tests on this browser, maybe the solution is real simple, everything generated by GDevelop is simple Javascript, using a rendering engine called Pixi.js which is battle tested and very efficient (using WebGL on capable devices). The physics engine is using “advanced” javascript in the sense that it is compiled from C++ to Javascript so some browsers implementation of the Javascript engines could fail at interpreting it properly. Yet it doesn’t explain why the platform automatism, which is really “plain old” javascript, failed. :confused:

Oh I just read your new message.
Well, in this case it has nothing to do with GDevelop :slight_smile:
Of course GDevelop does not use JQuery, it is a library that is absolutely not made for games and there is now technologies that are really more efficient (Canvas/WebGL as I explained a bit before).

So maybe you’re using some kind of code related to JQuery on your website, in which case it is your role to make sure that everything works well by including the appropriate libraries in the page :slight_smile:

Still I wonder why would you need jQuery in games that are produced by GDevelop? :confused:
Thanks for the follow up in any case! :smiley:

Well, the other similar software does export html5 games with jquery. You said my website needs library, well, it does have jquey (ofcourse it is nobrainer) but gdevelop game is an index. with its own folder so it doesnt take anything from your website. About that what it need from jquery, I have no idea… but it works :wink:

Jquery simply kicks html (as well as css and usual js, not only jq related) in the butt making it… works. It solved the problem and since it doesnt do anything bad to not related things, I see no reason why not implementing it in the code. There are few other things (meta tags) which are missing and also very important for running your gdevelop apps on the handheld and specialy touch devices. Here is the summary:

With this and ofcourse jquery script everything works great on old (aparently :stuck_out_tongue:) devices :slight_smile: I hope this might help someone with similar problem in the future