HTML5 to APK converter --- Gdevroid

Hi guys

I’ve noticed that a lot of Gdevelop users\members struggle to get their HTML5 games converted to android. I’m currently busy writing a program that will enable you to import your (Gdevelop) HTML5 project, and export it directly to a APK file. I’ve still got some bugs to sort out …but I’m almost there !
I would appreciate some help from members who knows a bit of Java and C++. I will be adding a link to download the project in the next few days. The main framework is based on Intel XDK,but it is a cut short method.


Hi Roelof1978,

Thank you! That’s most generous of you :slight_smile:

Wish i can help you with it but i’m not versed in programming :frowning:

Vers cool :smiley: Thank you !

Such thing is what all HTML5 developers are waiting for… Make our dreams for real! :smiley:

Hi Guys
Just to give you an update concerning the converter. I’m finished with the Cordova CLI Easy app converter,but I’m still busy with the “Cut short XDK” converter. My program will give you a choice of two converters.

  • Just something to take note of :
    You will still need the following programs installed to run the converters:
  • Nodejs
    *Android SDK
    *Java JDK
    I will be adding more features in time.

Just awesome your work.