HUD of variable for all same objects, like enemies.

I think this type of question has been asked before. But cannot seem to find it, Soooo… I just wanna make a text form object appear on the head of all the enemies (linked well) to see the variable change, So I can analyse what the AI for attack is not working. As I said before some time all of them attack some times some of them just attack some times one of them attack and some times none of them attack. It’s funny what I said but its true. FYI mostly just one of them will attack
Enemies logic.png

What you can do is when you create an enemy, also create a text object in X,Y position of enemy and Link the text object to the enemy using the object linking extension.

Or after you have created all enemies, if it something fit you better, just go through each enemy and create and link the text object for each.

Finally, go through each text object in your scene, take in to account the enemy linked to the text object and set the text and position of the text object.

Make sure you set the Y position of the text object a bit higher than the enemy (I subtract 20 from the Y position of the enemy) to make it appear on the top of each enemy.