Hunger bar depleting while game is closed

im making a tamagotchi and i wanted to make a way so when the game is closed the hunger bar shrinks until the pet is hungry again, anyone could tell me how, maybe a timer that starts when the game is first booted and never stops but every one hour it takes 1 of 6 bars of hunger

thanks in advance

I don’t think gdevelop could be used for working on background of the PC.
I suggeset to make an event, that makes “hungry” the tamagotchi whenever to start a scene.
What I don’t pretty much know it’s how “to size” the time that past when you closed it and when you opened it.

it possible by checking time of computer i think im not sure ive never done it but ive heard of it done

i was thinking of using the system clock to subtract the last time opened and the actual time and the result goes to the hunger variable

the result is subtracted from the hunger variable**

but i dont know how to use the save and load system, is there any tutorials or topics that explain this. also my keyboard doesnt have the interrogation point sorry

a good tutorial for saving and loading: GDevelop - Save and Load Tutorial - How to Create Checkpoints - YouTube

Read these two, they should help you.

btw the links don’t work

i assume its this link you triedLINK1 LINK2

Yeah, thanks. I assume it’s because I copypated wrong

ok! the saves are super duper