I can create an RTS like paradox?

I can create a game like paradox (RTS with regions) or simple an RTS? An RTS like AoE in 2D


Yes for sure, it’s totally possible!

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i want start to create the main menù of the game with: Play(and open solo/multyplayer) options(graphics/audio/other) and exit. Is a good thing to do first?
PS: how to create a time set? Like a calendar? exemple the game start 1 May of 1900 and i want the the player choosing the speed of this “time set” modify the game speed(because all things are bonded by timer)

At this moment there is no multiplayer support in gdevelop, i think it will be

Yes but is a exemple. I do a image for the menu or use the text?

If you are new to GD and game dev yes, learn the basics first. Sprites, text, input…etc

I would do both. Image for the button and text on top to display what the button does. Or you can add the text directly to the image using an image editing tool.

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