i can't build my game

Please help.

i can’t build my game project to android platform.

is there anyone like me, and how to solve it

note: i use windows 7 32bit

thank you

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:
Do you use the latest GDevelop version?
You can get it at: [32 bits] GDevelop 5 Windows/Linux - #45 by Bouh

What error do you get?

I believe the online build service doesn’t work in GDevelop 32-bit. I am not too sure tho.

Yes the online build services doesn’t package games in 32bits. 64bits only.
To package a 32bits build I think you can export in html5 then use NW.js in 32bits to wrap the html5 inside an 32bits app. I’ve not tested but I think people already do this.

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