I cant do a colouring game

i want to choose an object than choose another object and i wanna use both of them at the same condition. after selecting these objects take a action.
the main idea in here making a colouring game without layers. its gonna be like when i choose the colour and choose the white object for example its going to be yellow.

Hi btl, can you do something like save the rgb value of each of your colors to a string variable, like variableYellow, varableOrange etc.
And then have another string variable called SelectedColor.
Then when you click on one of the colors, say yellow you would change the variableSeletedColor to equal variableYellow.
Then when you click on your white object, you tint that object to variableSelectedColor

An alternative to this is to use the extension by Bouh called Read pixels. When you click on the yellow you would have an action to read the rgb values of the cursor position which you could then save to variableSelectedColor.

I am also doing a coloring project and I’m doing mine in the opposite order.
I click on the white object so that it’s selected.
I use an outline effect on the object to show that it’s selected.
Then when I click on yellow, I tint the white object using Read pixels.
If I don’t like the yellow then as the shape object is still selected I can then tint it orange, red etc to keep changing the color of the object.

Anyway, see how you go with all that and try a few things and check back here with your progress.

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