I can't download my exported apk hahaha


left 4 hours for downloading 25.8 mb… then I see 3 days~ haha
and it stoped haha

my internet is very normal haha

I want to hit something

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I don’t know what to tell you.
Stop it and rebuild again…

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I think he just rages against his internet

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oh…yeah I was so angry but I wrote that seriously…
my exported apk download was canceled several time. my Internet download couldn’t often work and slowly only in gd5 …
other things is ok…

also I am sorry if my text made you uncomfortable

i also experience this issues

works fine for me just retry or build it localy with cordova. if you don’t know how I can help

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:thinking: but isn’t that corean in your screenshot? I thought south corea was the place with the fastest internet in the world?..

I don’t know that. how can I build with cordova?? can you let me know?

other things like web searching, youtube, steam game… with internet are fine:sweat_smile:

well you have to set up cordova on your pc first, its quite easy you just need to search for it. if you don’t have the time for it I can build it for you, just send me your local file that is if you trust a stranger on the internet hh

haha ok. i am outside now when I go to home, I find cordova first

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