I can't export my game

How do I…

I try to export my game but it can’t, every platform that I try.

What is the expected result

I want generate game as link or publish it on desktop.

What is the actual result

Have problem with unescaped characters and valid in the Resources editor, I don’t even know what is it.

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Project files (optional)

You have files with invalid characters in the file names, basically. Or at least that is what the engine is seeing

When dealing with development, your files, objects, and variable names should only include a-z, 0-9, spaces, or underscores/hyphens (and periods for file extensions). Any other character or accented character will get treated as invalid.

You will want to click on the project settings panel (upper left most button with 3 boxes) and then click resources. From the resources oanel you will need to review each file name and rename any that include characters other than those mentioned above.

This also includes the name of your project as well as any folders used for it.

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Thank you, I already try it, but the result is the same. Please, I need your help :face_holding_back_tears:

Sorry, I can’t help beyond the above.

I’d ensure you’ve checked every file name in the list, and the path on where they’re stored (folders can’t have special characters either). Also make sure your game name doesn’t have any special characters in the properties panel.