I cant get a sprite to stay under my character i tried using postion of an object because i need it to dtay still

i need help on this oart i want an object to stay under my character the whole game how do i do that

What are you doing in your events? Show a screen shot if you can.

I’m running blind here, so my assumptions may not be right - ideally you should be positioning the sprite after you move your player (so making it the last event in of the scene is good).

If the problem is the layer, you could simply change the z order of the sprite. If the problem is logically put the sprite under your character you just need to change the position of sprite set to Character.X() + specific number in x - axis and Character.Y() + specific number in y - axis to change its position. The specific number depends on what position you want it to be.

Ha, that’s another possibility to what the problem is. @Kaister7000, please be more specific to what happens. Describe your issue, because we’re second guessing what you mean.

I interpreted it as the sprite was moving around, @FutureGameDeveloper interpreted it as your sprite appearing in front of your character. Another take on it is that you’re doing a 2.5D game and want the sprite at the base of your character.