I cant get the subevents to play. now main events wont work

I am trying to make 4 switches trigger a separate layer. One switch is suppose to trigger the correct layer after its been on for 10 seconds.

I would create separate conditions for cursor/touch and left mouse button is down.

For example:

Condition: Cursor touch is on ChuBuBaseLayer
Action: Show layer “name”
Sub Condition: Touch or left mouse button is down
Action: Create/delete objects

The above may need some adjusting for your needs, but I don’t think they should be all on the same line. You may also need different timers for each layer and your timer reset action may need to be with the condition.

You can also get rid of the cursor/touch conditions with that timer condition. It would automatically show the layer after the time has passed without having to click or hover on anything. Another possible issue is that you’re triggering different actions for some of the same conditions, and this could be creating a conflict.

i dont want them to accidentally activate a button because their finger slid across the screen.

That’s why I said adjustments may be needed. Again, you have a lot of duplicate conditions with different actions - it needs more simplification and less redundancy as that can be causing a conflict = making sub-events not play.