I can't import my game

Hey I was making a game then my laptop broke and all my files are gone!!
I only have A zip folder with the games files HELP!!!

People can’t really help without context.

Did you export the game, or zip up the project folder?

If you exported your game, there’s no way to reimport that into GDevelop.

If you zipped up your project folder, that should include the game.json file or whatever you named it .json file.

If it doesn’t, you unfortunately cannot get it back.

I exported the demo before my laptop broke and I lost all my files. Is there anyway to import the exe file into gdevelop to get my progress back??

Unfortunately, no. If you only have the export, you cannot regain your project files.

Even if you can find a way to extract the source code from the EXE, the exported source won’t have all of the project data in it.

if you harddisk work use recovery files program so back all fiiles.

My hard drive melted its ok now because I remade the game on my PC