I can't rotate object

What am I doing wrong?

I have been learning gdevelop for a month. Now I try to rotate an object at a certain speed. I have copied the example that comes in this short video and the objects don’t rotate. It can’t be that something so simple doesn’t work.

This is the video and I do the same.

I have tried to do it off-line and with the online editor of Gdevelop. I have used the same example. It is the example offered by gdvelop. And for me there is no way for the coins to spin.

“at the beginning of the scene” runs only at the first frame it seems, move the “rotate coin” line to another empty event without condition and try again?

I’ve already tried. Look at the photo. And it does not work. What am I doing wrong? If I use the example of Gdevelop itself.

Maybe you’re not looking at the good CoinIcon? :slight_smile:
Also, just to make sure, it will only rotate during preview, not in the scene editor.